Task Dependencies

Task dependencies let you define the order in which a series of tasks must be actioned. This powerful and practical feature will let you maintain structure and keep an eye on upcoming duties, whilst also taking you one step closer towards project completion.

Getting started

1. The image below shows a series of tasks that need to be completed for the 10 Year Business Anniversary event. They are dependant on one another to complete the project.

2. To create a ‘link’ between these tasks, simply drag and drop the task which needs to be actioned first, onto its dependent.

3. An arrow will then appear, representing the connection between the tasks. Once you begin to create several tasks dependencies, you’ll get a visual overview of your Canvas.

Removing a dependency

1. To remove a task dependency, simply hover over the arrow you would like to remove.

2. Tap on the ‘X’ to remove the dependency from your task. Then select Yes, delete dependency. Your dependency will then be removed.

Please note: Access to this feature is subject to the plan that you’re on. For more information, please get in contact at support@droptask.com.