Sync Indicator

To create a seamless experience across our desktop and web apps, we have now updated our interface so it looks and works the same, whether you are using the desktop app for Windows or Mac, or if you’re using the online web app.

The only feature included on the desktop apps and not on the web app is the “Sync Indicator”. This lets you know if DropTask is connected to the server and updating any changes being made.

When the DropTask Icon has a ✔ in the center, it means Droptask is connected to the internet, any changes made will be synced, and that all recent changes are up to date.

The desktop app can be used offline, so you can add tasks and create projects without syncing them online. When DropTask is not connected to the internet the DropTask icon on the left hand of the app will show with an exclamation mark in the middle. This means that any updates you make to DropTask won’t be synced yet. Whilst your working offline, please remember that members of your team will not see any updates you’ve made until you’ve connected to the internet and synced.

When you reconnect the sync indicator will show this by displaying a refresh animation. Once this stops and the ✔ shows in the center the sync is complete.