iMindMap 9 to DropTask

The two-way integration between iMindMap 9 Ultimate and DropTask allows you to take innovation and creativity to the next level. By working within two highly visual workspaces, you’re able to capture and brainstorm your ideas before seamlessly transforming them into tasks that need to be actioned.

Getting Started

1. An iMindMap Ultimate license is required for this integration. For more information on this license, please click here.

2. If you already have an iMindMap account, simply sign in to transfer your brainstorm ideas into your DropTask account. If you haven’t already got an account, you are able to create one, as displayed below.


3. Once you have signed into your account, open the MindMap that you would like to export into DropTask.


4. Select FILE at the top left hand corner of your screen.


5. Once there, click on EXPORT & SHARE.


6. You will then be given the choice to export your file into your DropTask account. Simply click on the DropTask icon from the list of options.


7. You will be asked which branches from your MindMap that you would like to export to DropTask. Once you’re happy, click EXPORT.


8. You will then be asked to sign into your DropTask account. This is the account where your MindMap will appear.


9. Once signed in, you will then have the option to export your MindMap to an existing Project or to a new Project. Click NEXT to continue with the process.


10. If you’ve selected to export your branches into a new Project, a ‘Create Project’ window will appear. You’ll have the choice to create a Project name, use an existing Template and add members to your Project. Select CREATE PROJECT once you’ve finished editing.


11. Once selected, your MindMap will be presented as a Project within DropTask’s Canvas view.


Exporting Individual Branches into DropTask

1. As well as sending entire maps to DropTask, you are able to select individual branches. To do this, begin by selecting the branches that you would like to send over.

Individual branches to DT

2. By tapping on the DropTask icon above the chosen branch, you will be directed to the Options page. Sign in to your DropTask account.

Individual branches DT 2

3. Once you have signed in, your chosen branch from iMindMap will appear in DropTask and you will have the choice of which Project you would like to Import to.

Exporting to iMindMap example 2

4. Tap DONE and your iMindMap branch will appear in your DropTask project.

imindmap 1

Exporting from Fast Capture View into DropTask.

In iMindMap 9’s Fast Capture view, you can work without distraction and capture your thoughts at lightning speed before sending your actionable ideas into DropTask.

1. To begin the export, select ‘Share’ from the top menu.

iMindMap capture 2

2. You will then be presented with a number of different export options. Choose ‘DropTask’ to proceed.

iMindMap capture 3

3. You will then be given the option to choose which ideas are exported as Tasks or Categories. (Please note that your main ideas will be automatically pre-selected as Categories and the ancestors as Tasks. These selections are flexible and may be changed at any time.)

iMindMapy capture 4

4. Once you are happy with your selction, please select ‘Export.’ DropTask will then automatically open with your import from iMindMap. You will then have the option to place your ideas into an existing project, or to create a new one. Once you are happy with your selection, select ‘Done.’

Exporting to iMindMap example 2

Please Note: This is a DropTask for Business feature.