iMindMap 7 & 8 to DropTask

Getting Started

1. To send your entire Mind Map into DropTask, first select which MindMap you would like to Export.


2. Then, select FILE situated at the top left hand corner. Once there, Tap Export & Share.


3. Then, tap on the DropTask icon.


4. You’ll then have the option to export your branches as Tasks or categories. (Please Note: Your main branches will automatically be selected as Categories, and their descendent child branches will be selected as tasks.) Once you’re happy with your selection, hit ‘Export.’


5. You will then be notified that your map is being exported, and DropTask will automatically open with your import from iMindMap. You will then have the option to import your iMindMap into an existing project, or create a new one.


6. Hit Done to complete the process. Your MindMap will then appear in your chosen Project.


Please Note: This is a DropTask for Business feature.