Exporting a Task Board

To export a Task Board

1. To export your board, first click on your avatar in the left hand corner, then click on the cog and choose ‘Account Settings.’ You will then be re-directed to the Settings page.

2. Once you are within your settings page, click on task Boards under DropTask Settings.

3. Once you have selected the board that you would like to export, you have the option to export them in your preferred format.

4. Clicking the ‘CSV’ button will export the task board in a simple format that can be opened in spreadsheet software such as MS Excel.


5.  Clicking the ‘iMindMap’ button will export the task board into iMindMap. 


Export shortcut

1. You are able to take a shortcut to export your tak board while using the Web application of DropTask. To export the current board you’re working on, click the Cog icon in the task board header and select Export Task Board.

2. You are then redirected to the Preferences page, where you’ll be able to choose which boards you’d like to export.

export 2

3. Once you’ve selected your task boards, you will be prompted to choose which format you wish to export them in.

Please note: Access to this feature is subject to the plan that you’re on. For more information, please get in contact at support@droptask.com.