Completed Tasks

In order for you to remain focused on prioritization and the progression of your Project, tasks that you mark as complete will be removed from the Project Canvas, Workflow and Calendar views, and will appear in the Completed View. In the Completed Tasks view you can see everything that you’ve achieved over time, and having all of your Completed Tasks clearly visible in one place makes performance reviews effortless.

There are two levels of Completed Tasks:

1. Project Completed Tasks

2. All Completed Tasks

Project Completed Tasks

1. To view Completed Tasks for a specific project, simply select the COMPLETED option which can be found within the drop-down menu situated in the top right-hand corner of the project header.


2. All of the Tasks that have ever been completed within the Project will be displayed over time, including those Tasks completed today, yesterday and further into the past. The most recently Completed Tasks will show first, and as you scroll to the right, older completed tasks will be displayed.


All Completed Tasks

1. Completed Tasks from across all of your projects will appear in the Completed Tasks view. This can be accessed from the MENU situated at the top left-hand corner of the app.

2. Once open, click on Completed.


3. Within this Completed Tasks view, the most recently completed tasks will show first, and as you scroll to the right, older completed tasks will be displayed.

comp 1

4. In each of the Completed Tasks views you may click on a task to bring out the Task sidebar. Here, you will see the Task attributes and all of the activity and history for the Task. If the status of a Task is changed from Completed to either In Progress or On Hold, the Task will reappear within the Project that it was originally created in.