Archive a Project

Project archiving helps you to focus on current projects.

There are two ways that a project can be archived:

  • If you have completed a project or it no longer requires action, then you have the option to manually archive a project.

  • If you are downgraded to a free account, any projects that exceed the 5 project limit will be automatically archived.

    Archiving a Project

    1. To archive a Project, simply tap on your chosen Project.


    2. Select the COG icon from the tool bar situated above.

    delete proj 2

    3. A pop-up window will then appear. If you wish to archive your project, select YES from the icons below, situated next to ‘Archived.’

    arch 2

    4. Once you have archived your project, it will appear in the ‘Archived Projects’ section in the MENU bar.

    arch 3

    5. When a project has been archived, you will still be able to open and view it but it will be a read-only view of the project. Limited Access will be made available for this Project.

    arch 4