App and Email Notifications

You will receive various application notifications in relation to your project activity within DropTask. The notifications will appear in your Notifications Center aside to the number of Notifications that you have.

App Notifications:

1. When you have a new notification, simply click on the HORN icon at the top of the screen. Your most recent notification will be available to view at the top.

2. Until you have dismissed your Notifications, they will remain in the ‘New’ section.

3. You can dismiss Notifications by hitting the X icon next to your Notification.

4. To view dismissed Notifications, click on the Dismissed button at the top of the Notification panel.

5. You dismiss all your notifications at once by clicking on “Dismiss all”.

6. When all updates have been read and dismissed, your new updates screen will be empty.

Email Notifications:

DropTask will also be able to send you email Notifications even if you’re not signed into the application.

1. To edit these settings, go to your account settings in the main menu by tapping on your avatar

2. Once there, tap on cog, then click “Account Settings”

3. One you are in your account settings click on “Notifications & Emails”. Here you will be able to choose the level of notfications you receive and what you are emailed about, such as your Notifications, Mentions, Reminders, Daily Summary and Marketing options. To edit these options, click on either ON or OFF to changes your settings.

4. Once you are happy with your choices, tap ‘Save’ to complete. Your Notification Settings will then be applied.

Please note: Access to this feature is subject to the plan that you’re on. For more information, please get in contact at