Planning your new Projects


DropTask allows you to create and manage any type of project – big or small, work or home. With an incredibly powerful feature set for project management, DropTask makes it easy for you to stay on top of your tasks while on the go.

Let’s get started

Need some inspiration? Well, your project can be literally anything. Teachers can create projects for each class or module they teach, product developers can create projects for each new launch they work on, bloggers can create projects to manage their publishing calendar and freelance contractors can create a project for each client. Categories are an important part of your project. They can represent topics, goals or stages of job operations to help you to divide your project into more manageable sections. For example, useful categories for your Market Research project may include ‘Online Surveys’, ‘Focus Groups’, ‘Interviews’, etc. If you’re looking to eliminate information overload, you also have the ability to collapse individual categories to easily digest the information that you need at that very time.

Map out your key steps

What are the specific action steps you’re expected to complete? With each Category set up, it’s time to map out your key tasks based on the deliverables you need to produce in order to meet the project’s goals. If you run a business club, your ‘Quarterly Event’ category might include tasks such as ‘Organize Catering’ and ‘Send Out Invitations’. In DropTask, you can transform these action steps into actionable tasks and you’re also able to determine who will be responsible for its completion. Tasks can be assigned to yourself, a team member, or multiple people and helps to establish accountability within a project. And the bigger the project, the more collaborative it can become. Need a team member’s attention? Achieving effective communication is important during each phase of a project’s life cycle, and in DropTask, notifying others is easy. Conversations are stored within tasks and the comment section is ideal if you’re looking to follow up with a task, or want a quick update on progress. With collaborative features such as Discussions, you’ll maintain steady and seamless communication right through to the project’s completion.

Schedule it

Time management enables us to work smarter, so we can achieve more in less time. To enhance your organization skills, set Due Dates for each action step or deliverable in your project plan. Having a clear structure in place of when tasks are to begin work or need to be completed by, will encourage you to think more strategically about how you spend your valuable working hours. As well as motivating you, having set dates in place will provide you with a clear picture of the upcoming project’s schedule. Scheduling exactly when tasks need to be worked on can sometimes be unrealistic, because as we know, things are not set in stone. Within My Planner , you are able to note when a task needs to be looked at, either Now, Next or Soon, allowing you to instantly and easily see when something roughly needs your attention, either in the Planner or in your Project.

Avoid distractions

During a busy work day, it’s inevitable to get sidetracked to the point where your biggest tasks get crowded by emails, meetings and other small, pressing errands. But identifying your most important tasks early on allows you to focus your attention on where you’ll have the greatest impact. Assigning various levels of Importance and Urgency to your tasks will add visual highlighters to your task circle. With various colors available, you’ll be able to select which Importance and Urgency level best suits your task. If the task is very important, select the red flag to be placed on the task circle. That way your attention will be instantly drawn to your most-time sensitive tasks.

Keep on track

As you work through your project, it’s important to keep track of how things are going. Visually monitor your activity and gain a quick boost to your motivation by moving the Progress Percentage bar along to record to the percentage of the task that’s completed. The progress bar is a great way to inform yourself – as well as others, of the progress of a task. You will also gain a hint of satisfaction by moving the percentage bar along, knowing that you’re that much closer to reaching that end goal.

Remain motivated

When a task has been completed you’re able to remove it from your Canvas. Once a task is complete, just click the ‘Tick’ button and your completed task will be transported to the Completed Tasks View, in order for you to remain focused on the progression of your project. The Completed Tasks View also acts as an archive of all your past achievements. While scrolling through all that you’ve achieved, you’ll be pumped up and motivated to finish your overall project. You have the choice to view My Completed Tasks from across all of your projects, or instead, you can view your Project Completed Tasks. Either way, this view reminds you of all of your recent achievements and the individual steps that you’ve taken to move your project towards completion. You can also choose to keep your completed tasks on your canvas for up to a week to motivate you to complete the next task.

So you’ve made it! Your project’s all done and you can revel in success. But wait! Instead of deleting your project and forgetting all about it, Archive it instead. This clears up space so you can focus on your newest projects while keeping a full history of what you’ve done before that you can refer back to whenever needed. Archive any project that no longer requires actioning and rest assured it will be placed in the ‘Archived section’ if you ever need to recall it again.

So, now that you’ve created your first project, what’s next? Head over to our blog for handy tips on how to use DropTask’s unique features to their maximum potential.