Project Permissions

With Project Permissions you’re able to control what others can see and edit when you share your projects with others. Here are the 4 levels of permissions that can be applied:

1. Admin

2. Default

3. Assigned Tasks

4. Read-Only

(Details on each permission level can be found in a table below.) perm

Setting Permissions

1. When you invite a new member to a project, their permission level will automatically be set to ‘Default’.

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2. To access and to edit Project Permissions, select the COG icon situated within the Project, at the top right hand corner.


3. To change the permission level of a member you are inviting to your project, simply tap on the Project member whose settings you would like to edit. A drop-down menu with 4 permission level options will display, next to your project member. You have the choice of Admin, Default, Assigned Tasks and Read Only.

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4. You’ll also see some advanced permission settings, allowing you to choose who can delete tasks and groups that they didn’t create, and who can invite new members to a project. These options will show if you are the project owner.

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5. Tap close and your changes will automatically save to the Project.