Setting Start and Due Dates

When you select a task, a sidebar will immediately open. From within the task sidebar you can add several details to your task, including a Start and Due Date so you can begin to organize your schedule.

To Set a Start or Due Date

1. To add a Start and Due Date to a task, simply select the task you would like to edit from your project, to open up the task details.

start 1

2. When the sidebar is open, select START or DUE, situated above the Activity section.

start 2

3. Click on Start to bring up your calendar. Your date picker will then open. This option allow you to choose which date and time you would like to begin your task. Selecting Start will allow you to set the date and time for when your task is due to begin. Selecting Due will allow you to choose a date which you would like your task to be completed by.

start 3

4. When you are happy with your selection, click SAVE to complete the process. Your task will then appear in the Calendar, depending on it’s Start and Due date.

starts 4