Creating Tasks

Tasks are represented as colourful, interactive circles and can be created for anything that you need to do, from ‘Pick up Milk’ to ‘Create Sales Report’.

To Create a New Task:

1.┬áTo create a new task, click on the Tick icon, situated at the left-hand corner of the application, next to ‘Task’. Tap and Drop the task into your Project.

task 1

2.┬áThen, you will be asked to give your task a Task Name. You also have the ability to add previous Project members to your task – you can do this by tapping on the + icon under Assigned.

task 2

3. You will also be asked to choose a Start and Due date from the date picker. Start and Due dates are a great way to enhance your organization skills and to ensure you stay on top of your schedule.

task 3

4. Once these options have been filled in, click Create Task. Your new task will appear on the Canvas. Click, drag and drop your Task into a larger Category circle of your choice.

task 4

5. It will then appear as a smaller circle inside the Category circle.