Creating a Project

Projects are flexible and can be created for anything – from work related tasks to planning an upcoming vacation. To begin with, you can keep things simple and think about the tasks that you have to do today, tomorrow and over the course of the next week.

To Create a Project:

1. Select the MENU option in the top left corner (this is where you’ll find a list of your projects as well as other useful features and settings). When the menu sidebar opens, select + CREATE NEW PROJECT.

proj 1

2. A pop-up will then open giving you the ability to create your Project.

proj 2

3. You’ll have the choice to choose a Project name, add new members and to choose an existing template to help create your Project. To learn more about creating templates, view our templates article available here.

proj 3

PROJECT NAME: Please enter the name of your project. (For example, ‘Work‘, ‘Grand Opening‘, ‘Building Renovation‘, ‘Errands‘ etc.)

TEMPLATE: Your projects can be saved as Templates for processes that need to be duplicated and reused on a regular basis. We’ve created some pre-set templates that you can use, and any future templates that you save of your own will appear here. You can skip this option if you’re looking to create a project from scratch. By selecting a template, your layout is transferred from previous templates which you have saved to your account.

4. Select Create Project when you’re happy to proceed. As your project is created, you will be taken to your Workspace Canvas.

proj 4