Calendar View

With your very own DropTask Calendar you can manage your time effectively and focus on what’s important to reach maximum productivity. By bringing together all of your tasks from across all of your projects, the Calendar lets you see your work according to the date that you want start it, or the date when it is due.

To Access your Calendar

1. The Calendar is situated in the Menu, which can accessed from the top-left corner of the app. Select Menu, and then click Calendar, which can be found under the All Tasks section.

calender 1

2. Scrolling horizontally within the calendar will enable you to view by week, so you can see up and coming tasks in a simple calendar format.

calendar 2

3. By selecting a START DATE and DUE DATE for each task, you are able to look forward and plan for future events.

calendar 3

4. To view upcoming tasks, simply scroll horizontally within the calendar and you’ll see everything that’s planned for the future. Columns are structured into weeks, and then split up into sections for each day. To view all days within a week, simply scroll vertically within a column.

cal 4