Assigning Tasks

When you create a task you will automatically become assigned to complete it. If you have invited others into your project, you may delegate this task to someone else by re-assigning it to them. Alternatively, you may also assign multiple people to a task. Task assignment is a great way to establish accountability and helps to keep everyone on the same page.

To Assign a Task

1. To assign a project member to a new task, select the Task option at the top of the screen. Tap and Drag your Task onto your chosen Project. A pop-up will then appear. In the task creation pop-up, add a member by selecting the + icon, situated in the Assigned section.

Assin 1

2. By tapping the + icon, you can adding existing Project members to the task. Once you’re happy, tap ADD MEMBERS to begin. Members which are added to tasks are automatically assigned the DEFAULT permission.

Assign 2

3. As creator of the task you have the ability to edit other members and what they can do or see in the task. Tap on the Cog icon situated at the top right hand corner of the Project. Here you will be able to select a permission level for your Project members. Simply choose the permission level corresponding to that member. You changes will automatically be saved to your task.

assign 3

(To see details of permissions levels, see table below.)


Removing an Assignee

To remove an assignee, click the task and hit the ‘X‘ marked next to their name in the task sidebar.