Due Dates

When you select a Task, the task information will immediately open. From within the Task information you can add several details to your Task, including a Due Date so you can begin to organize your schedule.

To Set a Due Date

1. Select the task that you would like to set a Due Date for.

2. When the task information is open, select DUE, situated next to the Calendar icon.

3. A date picker will open. From here, select the Due Date that you would like to apply, you can also apply a start time by clicking “Start Time?”. If you don’t add a start time it will automatically begin 0.00 am on the date selected. Hit ‘Done’ to complete the process.

4. Once saved, the Due Date will appear on the task in workflow.

5. Your Due Dates will help you keep track of your Tasks and ensure you complete them on time. Once your Due Dates have been saved, your Tasks will automatically be noted in your Calendar, ensuring that you are on top of your future Tasks. To learn more about the Calendar, click here.

Due Date Reminders

Ensure you stay on top of your deadlines by adding Due Date reminders to your tasks.

1. To add a Due date reminder, click on “Add reminder” located underneath the Due date you wish to add a reminder for.

2. If your Due Date does not have a time assigned, your reminder will be set to 9am the day before the Due Date.

3. If your Due date does have a time applied, you can choose to be notified minutes, hours or days ahead by clicking on “Minute” to open a drop-down menu. Click on the unit of time you would prefer to apply the change.

4. Then click on the number next to the measurement of time to specify exactly when you would prefer the reminder to be sent.

5. Your reminders will now be applied. You can adjust these at any time.

6. When the reminder is due you will be notified in your Notifications. You have the ability to configure these defaults via your App Settings, situated in the main menu.

Please note: Access to this feature is subject to the plan that you’re on. For more information, please get in contact at support@droptask.com.