Setting Start and Due Dates

When you select a Task, a sidebar will immediately open. From within the Task sidebar you can add several details to your Task, including a Start and Due Date so you can begin to organize your schedule.

To Set a Start or Due Date

1. Simply select the your Task from your Project which you would like to edit.

2. Within the Task sidebar you will see START and DUE date option next to the CALENDAR icon.

3. Select START to open up the date picker. Pick a START and DUE date from the date picker and tap DONE to complete the process.

Due Dates:

While setting a Due Date, you have the option to set the Task to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis from within the drop down menu found in the date picker. This will set the Task to duplicate once it is completed, in accordance to the settings that you have applied. Your dates will be visually represented above the Task, and will turn red if it falls overdue.