Creating Categories

Tasks can be categorized anywhere within a category to maintain organization. Categories are represented across the screen as you swipe from left to right. Tasks within the Category are represented as circles under their Category header bar. Categories on the iPhone look like this:

To Create a New Category in your Workflow:

1. First, select a chosen project you would like to add a category to.

2. Once selected, a + symbol will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the application. Tap this button to proceed to create a New Category. A pop-up will appear asking for a CATEGORY NAME and a PARENT CATEGORY.

3. Once you have named the category and chosen a colour theme from the grid below, tap DONE to begin planning.

Editing a Category in your Workflow:

1. Tap on the chosen category that you would like to edit by hitting the Drawing Pen icon situated in the Category header bar.

2. Here you will be able to edit the Category’s name, edit the Parent Cateogry, choose a colour and have the option to delete it from the Project.

3. Once you’re happy with your editing, select DONE. Your changes will then be saved to your Category.