Project List View

The urgency list view allows you to order your tasks by Urgency. Tasks are grouped into 4 urgency lists (Very High Urgency, High Urgency, Normal Urgency and Low Urgency).

A list of tasks by urgency:

1. To view a list of tasks within a project, tap List situated at the top-right hand corner of the project view from within the drop down menu.


2. Once there, all tasks within your project will be displayed as a list.


3. The list view will be ranked in order of urgency levels corresponding to each task. To learn more about applying urgency levels to tasks, visit our article available here. To learn more about setting importance levels, click here.

4. Tasks will be ranked in groups according to low, normal, high and very high levels of urgency. Within the project list view you are able to sort existing tasks and add new tasks directly to the list.


5. To add a new task, simply enter the task title directly into the task box, situated under the appropriate urgency level.


6. Your task will then be automatically added to your list under its correct level of urgency.