Progress Percentage

The percentage bar is a great way to inform yourself (as well as others) of the progress of each task. Ensuring that you keep up to date with Tasks, the progress percentage bar is a visual indicator of how far away the Task is from completion.

To Update Progress

1. Tap on a Task to open the Task details. Then, move the progress slider along the bar to set the percentage of the task that has been completed.

Progress Percentage 1

2. If the task is completed, simply tap the Tick button at the end of the bar to automatically slide it to 100%.

prog pres

3. Completed Tasks will then be placed in the COMPLETED view, which can be accessed from within each project.


4. You are able to alter the status of a completed task at anytime. Changing the status of a completed task will automatically move it back into its original project and category.

prog 222