Inviting Colleagues, Friends and Family

Inviting other people to your Projects allows you to share ideas, allocate Tasks, and see what others are up to so you can seamlessly stay on the same page.

To Share a Project:

1. Open the MENU situated in the top left hand corner of the app.


2. Once open, select the project that you would like to share.

3. Your project will then open. Select the COG icon situated at the top right hand corner of the project. This will open the project details.

4. Once there you will be able to add members to your project by selecting the + icon under Members. You will then be able to add existing members to the project, or alternatively add new members by entering their email into the ‘Add Project Members by Email’ box.

EMAIL ADDRESS: Enter the email address belonging to the person you would like to invite. Multiple addresses must be separated by a comma and space (e.g,

GOOGLE CONTACTS: Sync and select someone from your existing Google Contacts list.

EXISTING DROPTASK CONTACTS: If you have previously invited someone to DropTask, they will automatically appear in this list.

Please note: Access to this feature is subject to the plan that you’re on. For more information, please get in contact at