Comments and Messaging

Effective communication is important during every phase of a Project life cycle if it is to run smoothly and successfully. DropTask Business lets you keep conversations and Tasks together, so you can maintain a seamless flow of communication between team members while you work in unison to get things done.


1. Select the task that you would like to comment on. Then enter your comment into the comment box titled Add Comment, which can be found under Activity.

Comments and Messaging 1


2. Once you’re happy with the comment, tap the Send icon to send it.

new pic 2


3. Your comment will then show in the Activity Feed for your task, with the most recent comments and task updates showing first.


1. To send a direct message to someone and to mention those in a comment add @ at the beginning of their name. Mentioning someone on a task will send them an email & in-app notification with your comment, regardless of whether or not they are assigned to, or following the task.


2. To access your notification feed, tap the Speaker icon situated in the top left-hand corner of the app. A red number by the speaker indicates an unread message.


3. To view this message, simply tap on the Speaker icon. To dismiss these notifications once they have been viewed, tap Dismiss. The dismiss icon can be found at the bottom of the notification box.

Please Note: This is a DropTask for Business feature.