Assigning Tasks

When you create a Task you will automatically become assigned to complete it. If you have invited others into your Project, you may delegate this Task to someone else by re-assigning it to them. Alternatively, you may also assign multiple people to a Task. Task assignment is a great way to establish accountability and helps to keep everyone on the same page.

To assign a task

1. To assign an existing project member to a task, start by opening your project

2. All existing project members will be displayed within the top header bar.

3. To assign a task, simply drag and drop the member’s avatar from the header bar, onto your chosen task.

4. The project member’s avatar will then appear on the task circle, indicating that they’re assigned to the task.

Removing an assignee

1. To remove an assignee, tap on the task that you would like to edit.

2. The task sidebar will then open. Tap on the assignee’s avatar that you would like to remove. A pop-up will then appear. Select ‘Remove Assignment‘ if you would like to remove them from the task.

Please note: Access to this feature is subject to the plan that you’re on. For more information, please get in contact at