Notifications play a key role in ensuring that you never miss a beat. Each time there’s a change in your project or something note-worthy happens, we’ll be sure to send you a quick in-app notification.

To View Notifications

1. When there’s a change to your project, a red notification with a number will show on the BELL┬áicon (which can be found in the top-left corner of the app). The number shown will represent how many updates you have.

2. To view your updates, simply hit the speaker icon and your notifications will open. When a you have an unread notification, a red number will appear in the right hand corner on the Horn icon. All new notifications will then be shown, with the most recent listed first. If you have no new notifications, the notification centre will appear as empty.

3. To dismiss a notification, tap the X next to each notification to close them. These will now be added to your dismissed notification tab.