Setting Start and Due Dates

When you select a task, the task details will immediately open. From within the task details you can add a Start and Due Date to your task, so you can begin to organize your schedule.

To Set a Start or Due Date

1. Select the task that you would like to set a Start and Due Date for.

2. Tap on the Calendar icon situated under the Add Members section.

3. Once there, a date picker will appear. Simply choose a start and due date from the Calendar. Your changes will then be saved by tapping ‘Done.’

4. Once the Start and Due Dates are added they will visible within on the task information in Workflow or Calendar view.

5. To adjust the Start or Due Date, simply go back to the task information where you will be able to edit your chosen date.

Setting Repeating Tasks

While setting a Due Date, you have the option to set the task to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis from within the drop down menu found in the date picker. This will set the task to duplicate once it is completed, in accordance to the settings that you have applied. To learn more about Repeating Tasks, click here.