Effective communication is important during every phase of a Task Board life cycle if it is to run smoothly and successfully. DropTask for Business lets you keep conversations and tasks together, so you can maintain a seamless flow of communication between team members while you work in unison to get things done. You can even inject a little more fun into your Task Board by using Emojis in your messages.

To add a comment on a task

1. Select the task that you would like to comment on.

2. Tap on Discussions at the top of the task to open the discussion feed.

3. Then, simply enter your comment into the comment box titled TYPE YOUR MESSAGE HERE. You can add emojis using your mobile’s inbuilt keyboard.

4. Once you’re happy with the comment, hit tick icon to add it to the discussion feed.

5. Your comment will then show in the DISCUSSION FEED for your task, with the most recent comments and task updates showing first.

To send a direct message on a task

1. If you would like to address your comment to a specific member within your task board, simply add the @ symbol in front of that person’s name when writing the comment.

2. Once you’re happy with the message, hit tick icon to add it to the discussion feed. The person you’ve mentioned will receive a notification and the comment will be added to the discussion feed for that task.

Please note: Access to this feature is subject to the plan that you’re on. For more information, please get in contact at support@droptask.com.